About us

what we offer

  • 1. Business Advisory & Training Options
    • No contract service packages are available and can be used as needed.
  • 2. Interim Management Options
    • Ranging from 5 - 10 hours/week on a short (6 months) or long-term (12+months) and on-going basis.
  • 3. Customized Solutions Tailored to meet your needs and those of your staff.


Research our company's history

Founded in 1994, Strategic Thinktank, Inc. is a management advisory consultancy offering practical and results-driven strategic solutions to small and mid-sized (SMB) businesses.

Our consulting practice is located in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

We have over 25 years experience counseling, mentoring and assisting startups, and growing small and mid-sized businesses.

a few words about us

At Strategic Thinktank we defy the status quo.  All of your successes are of paramount importance to us and are what make us tick. 

We set the bar very high for ourselves and believe you should too. Why are we different? 

We are problem-solvers and believe we need to help you articulate what keeps you up at night and ultimately help you work through and resolve those issues.

We just happen to provide results-driven lead generation and marketing automation services that are simple to implement and positively impact your bottom line. 

We work directly with you by starting out in a trusted advisory capacity.

Whatever obstacles we are faced with, our main focus is on delivering practical and long lasting results.

We empower you with the tools to grow and lead. We also partner with you by taking our recommendations one step further and actually putting them into practice.

During the implementation phase we work directly with you over an extended period of time to assist with adoption and behavior modification.

During this transformational phase we help you re-purpose staff, drive operational improvement and ensure there is structure in place.